About us

We have more than 30 years developing a wide expertise in the private, public and community tourism sectors. We have specialized in pilgrimages and business consulting, as well as training personnel on all levels: professional, managerial and departmental. In the educational field, our experience encompasses religious congregations, parishes, national youth movements, community centers, public and private schools, teachers and religious seminaries. We provide multi generational travel, from making the past come alive in a biblical text, to creating lively encounters with the social, cultural and scientific present. We provide the highest quality logistic support in every field – from security to hosting, transport and food. Our educational team adapts itself to the particular characteristics of the groups they accompany. The didactic means we use, which combine games, dramatization and dealing with historical dilemmas, among others, allow for an interactive, experiential learning process. We supply each group with a special website, where the participants can maintain a constant daily contact with their families and instantly share their experiences.  

Our Tours

Our programs include Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey and Spain. In the footsteps of St. Paul. San Pablo is perhaps more who contributed to the spread of Christianity with evangelism trips, start as his trip to Israel and will continue through Greece and Turkey.

The Navateas Kingdom

Daring to walk by the Arabian Desert and the Negev by thousands of miles was nothing short of a death sentence for anyone who tried, only the people Navatea, developing the art of surviving in the wilderness moving goods from the east to the Mediterranean ports, will visit in the Israeli desert Navateas ancient caravan sites and then move on to Jordan to see the incredible capital of the Kingdom.

The Jews in Spain and Zafed Cabala

Begin the trip in Spain of the 13th and 14th centuries, before the expulsion of the Jews of the kingdom, life in the Jewish neighborhoods of Toledo, Sevilla, music, culture, synagogues, the wise and the beginning of the mystery cabal, continue towards Israel and the city of Safed where many of the exiles settled, and where they brought their tradition and development

Exclusive Tourism Sports Programs

Cycling –  Professional and Amateur Circuits, and Mountain route, the mountains, the valleys and the desert, a unique experience in a unique historical and cultural context.

Marathon – Participate with us and thousands of runners in marathons Israel, the oldest marathon and modern city, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv marathon, or marathon on the banks of the Kinneret or Sea of ​​Galilee, with the same activities tourism and training.

Hiking – Tours only by the paths of the Tanakh and the Bible, in every valley at every turn the characters that made our history, who preached that we fought the battles appear.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 14.32.45Pedro Rotman

Counseling and educational, managerial and institutional programming

Interdisciplinary professional and religious tourism.




Emilio Roitman

Director of Latin America and Spain.Director of Sport and Tourism

Specialist in sports and sporting events. Professional tour guide.




Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 14.38.52Andrea Trilnick

Director of Operation

Bachelor of Education. Over 30 years serving organizational and logistical positions. Over 10 Anios in Infotec as director of OperationTourist Ocupandoae of educational programs for groups of adults, youth, families and professionals



Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 14.39.07Sylvia Rotman

Director of Brazil and Portugal Area

Graduaded in Pedagogia and Education in San Pablo, Brazil. Large experience in Teachin, management development, Marketing and Sales.




Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 14.39.25Daniel Guttmann

Accounting Depatament